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Violence and Aggression: The album's title itself suggests a theme of violence. Many of the songs contain aggressive and violent imagery, reflecting the intensity and energy of thrash metal. Social Commentary: Megadeth, particularly through the lyrics penned by frontman Dave Mustaine, often incorporate social and political commentary into their music. While this theme might not be as prominent on this album compared to later releases, traces of it can still be found in some songs. Rebellion and Angst: Like much of thrash metal, “Killing Is My Business…” channels feelings of rebellion and angst, often expressed through its aggressive sound and lyrics. The music serves as a form of catharsis for the frustrations of youth. Personal Struggle and Conflict: Some songs on the album delve into personal struggles and conflicts, whether internal or external. These themes can resonate with listeners facing similar challenges.

Geo-political inspiration

Political Event: The escalation of the Cold War and heightened tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union. Influence: The Cold War era's atmosphere of fear, nuclear threat, and global conflict likely influenced Megadeth's early lyrical themes of war, violence, and dystopia.

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