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SFSGSW?! (1988)


War and Conflict: Megadeth's album “So Far, So Good… So What!” frequently touches upon themes of war, violence, and conflict. Tracks like “Set the World Afire” and “Hook in Mouth” delve into the destructive potential of humanity, the fear of nuclear apocalypse, and the consequences of war and aggression. Substance Abuse and Addiction: The album also addresses the theme of substance abuse and addiction. “Mary Jane” explores the struggles and consequences of drug abuse, using the slang term for marijuana to convey its message. Personal Struggle and Despair: Amidst the album's heavier themes, there are also moments that touch upon personal struggle and despair. “In My Darkest Hour” is a deeply personal track written in response to the death of Metallica's Cliff Burton, expressing feelings of loss, betrayal, and despair. Censorship and Free Speech: Another prevalent theme in the album is censorship and the infringement of free speech. “Liar” and “Hook in Mouth” condemn censorship, deceit, and manipulation, highlighting the importance of free expression and the dangers of censorship and propaganda. Overall, “So Far, So Good… So What!” combines aggressive music with socially conscious lyrics, showcasing Megadeth's ability to tackle complex themes within the framework of thrash metal.

Geo-political inspiration

Political Event: The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) signed between the United States and the Soviet Union, aimed at reducing the nuclear arms race. Influence: The ongoing Cold War tensions and efforts to reduce nuclear proliferation likely influenced Megadeth's themes of nuclear apocalypse, war, and the fear of annihilation in this album.

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